A Lenten Resolution

It’s been 38 days and 38 nights since Lent has started. Before Lent began (or was it shortly after it started?) I made a decision to not drink alcohol or eat chocolate as my Lenten resolution, in an effort of self-improvement. In the interest of honesty, I was not perfect in my attempts, but in …

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Addlestone’s Cider

On a recent night out in Oxford, I stopped into one of my favourite pubs there, The White Horse (on Broad Street) for the obligatory few pints of Addlestone’s cider. I was with a few friends from America and wanted to introduce them to proper beer. The Witchwood brewery poster on the wall next to …

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Adding Interactivity to PDF Files from InDesign

I was working on a client project the other day that involved converting a large scale print exhibition (40 panels, each 700mm x 1000mm) for on-screen presentation. The project was further complicated by a very short deadline. It would have taken too long (and been too expensive) to reformat all 40 panels into a Flash-based …

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PDF for Print: Pass4Press

Recently I was investigating the use of PDF files when sending artwork to print (at a print shop or house.) Historically I was having trouble ensuring consistent quality and functionality from the PDF, ie, elements within the artwork would not print properly or would not print at all (even though they were visible on screen …

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Successful website marketing

As part of a regular series, I gave a presentation yesterday on Successful Website Creation and Marketing. My audience was of designer-makers at Cockpit Arts, most of whom already had an online presence. The main focus of the presentation was therefore to provide some insight into how best to drive traffic to their respective websites. …

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Welcome to this blog – to this website – my first blog, but certainly not my first website. Bear with me as I learn this new (to me!) system and work to improve the written content and visual presentation of the site.