It’s Kuler for Cool Colours

Stumbling about the internet recently, I came across Kuler: Adobe’s online colour selector tool. It’s a great site for playing with different colour schemes, with an eye towards that next design project. Kuler allows users to define and export colour palettes from a web browser. The exported swatch libraries can then be imported into a variety of Adobe programmes. (I have used it with Illustrator – and it’s absolutely wonderful. Very cool!)

So, if you are stuck on what colours to use for that website project or you’re not sure about what sort of palette to use on that annual report, definitely check it out.

4 thoughts on “It’s Kuler for Cool Colours”

  1. Liam,
    While I am not always that interested in your design sections of your blog (mostly from lack of knowledge), I really do quite enjoy your pubs and beer section. That being said, blogs like the above and the badware blog I do find rather interesting, even if they do not really affect me (such as the above blog).

  2. Well, Kieran, I suppose the best response to that is that I will promise to keep the Pubs and Beer section a bit more up to date – most of my recent entries have been about print and web design. Off to the pub I go. I need inspiration!

  3. Thanks Liam. It sounds like Kuler provides a lot of design flexibility when it comes to color. Theres is a lot of cool stuff that can still be done in this arena. For instance, what if Jobs and the Apple designers brought their product design skills to web design?

    Quick question. If I wanted to learn the nuts and bolts of web design what books would you recommend? I am asking a contractor to design a site for me and I would love to know as much as I can about what he does and what’s on his mind before we get into in depth conversations. Detailed books are fine. Just no Spanish or British spelling.

    (Do you know if I get a notice in my inbox when you post a response? If not, I would greatly appreciate if you could buzz me an e-mail. Thank you!)

  4. Hey JP Adams –

    Let’s start with the simple question about tracking comments: you can follow comments on this site at

    As for books on web design, it really depends on if you want to know how to do it yourself or whether you are just looking for a bit of background. As a starter, I would suggest The Non-Designer’s Web Book. Although I’ve not read that particular book, I have read others in the series and have found them helpful.

    Of course, if you have other questions generally about web design and website creation, you can always shoot me an email.

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