Here’s a brief overview of what I’m up to these days. I updated this page in December 2019.

What am I doing now?

A mix of work and off-the-clock activities, here’s what I’m focusing on of late.

  • Running LBDesign, a marketing and design consultancy serving both the business and non-profit sectors.
  • I’m trying to navigate life during a global health pandemic.

What WordPress am I doing?

Having first dipped my toe into WordPress in 2007, I’ve been pretty active in the community ever since. Yet, as 2018 came to an end, I am taking a step back from leadership roles, and am focusing more on my local community.

  • As we approach our eigth anniversary, Working as the Chief Servant to the Philly ‘burbs WordPress Meetup.
  • Learning and loving a lot about WP-CLI.
  • I am working a lot with the Elementor page-builder plugin.
  • I am digging into making sites with the Block Editor (Gutenberg).

What NOT WordPress am I doing?

Life certainly exists beyond the WordPress community. Here are some of the activities and pursuits that I focus upon outside of work and WordPress.

  • Riding a Rad Power e-bike across northern Chester County, Pennsylvania.
  • Making (what I believe to be) really good, Chicago-style deep dish pizza crust;
  • Kayaking on Marsh Creek as often as I can.

If you are interested, you can review what books I am reading and what books I have recently finished reading.