Here’s a brief overview of what I’m up to these days. I updated this page in December 2019.

What am I doing now?

A mix of work and off-the-clock activities, here’s what I’m focusing on of late.

  • Running LBDesign, a marketing and design consultancy serving both the business and non-profit sectors.
  • I’m rebuilding this website using WordPress 5.0, Gutenberg, and Elementor.

What WordPress am I doing?

Having first dipped my toe into WordPress in 2007, I’ve been pretty active in the community ever since. Yet, as 2018 came to an end, I am taking a step back from leadership roles, and am focusing more on my local community.

What NOT WordPress am I doing?

Life certainly exists beyond the WordPress community. Here are some of the activities and pursuits that I focus upon outside of work and WordPress.

  • Struggling with a lingering knee injury, I am looking forward to running again. I’ve not run since late July or early August 2018.
  • Having co-founded Chosen Fathers with a group of other fathers, I continue to play an active role in supporting the fathers, brothers, uncles, grandfathers, etc. of children with developmental, psychological, emotional, or sensory challenges.
  • Making (what I believe to be) really good, Chicago-style deep dish pizza crust;
  • Trying to help the Catholic Church address the many deep challenges stemming from the clerical sex abuse scandal, by serving on a local group of concerned parishioners.

What podcasts do I listen to regularly?

I listen to the following shows with some regularity. I don’t catch every episode of every show. And I certainly don’t always listen to each show in the order the episodes were publishes.

What podcasts do I catch from time to time?

With the launch of so many wonderful online shows, it’s hard to find time to listen to all the shows all the time. Below are podcasts and video casts that I follow and tune into from time to time.