Command Line Stuff I Use

Screenshot of command line stuff I use

Last updated: 19-Nov-2020

This is a blog post where I share various commands for use in the terminal. Mostly, I add new commands here when I find them and when someone shares something useful with me. This blog post helps me keep all these commands in a single place.

Search Files and Folders for Code

When working with Kevin Cristiano of Tadpole Collective, I picked up a very useful command to search files and folders for a string of code.

grep -iRn ‘wp_searching_for_something’ .

To break that command down a bit, here’s an explanation as I understand it:

  • grep is a command-line utility for searching plain-text data sets for lines that match a regular expression;
  • -i tells the search to work in a case insensitive way – that is, search for the string regardless of uppercase or lowercase letters;
  • R makes the search recursive;
  • n tells the search to output the specific line number in any files where the string is found;
  • 'wp_searching_for_something' is the specific string for the search; it’s important to include the single quote marks; and
  • . at the end tells the search to run in the current directory.


This command is useful when troubleshooting DNS issues. This was shared with me by Daniel Olson.

dig A +short
dig A +short
dig CNAME +short
dig CNAME +short

Find Nameserver Details

These short commands were shared with me by the coffee-loving Jan Dembowski.

dig ns
dig ns +trace

Get TXT Records for a Domain

The following command is a clean way to get the basics on TXT records, which is helpful when looking to verify authorization over a domain.

dig -t txt +short

Curl -I

I can’t recall the value of this but I used it once and it was pretty helpful. I think Daniel Olson shared this with me as well.

curl -I

Hide Desktop Icons

I found this wonderful technique in a blog post and copied it here for my own future reference.

Hiding the Icons

defaults write CreateDesktop false
killall Finder

Bringing the Icons Back

defaults write CreateDesktop true
killall Finder