Shared Music

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On Friday of last week, I reached out to folks on Twitter, requesting recommendations for some of their favorite music. I was in the mood for something new. I asked people to share an album that they totally dig, but that maybe not everyone else might have heard of or be into.

I expected that I would get a few new-to-me recommendations, I was happily surprised with how many different genres of music were shared.

As a way to build myself a playlist, and to serve as a reference for future listening, I pulled together the recommendations into a single blog post.

You can scroll down to the recommendations by tweet if you’d rather skip the list of recommended albums. I am sharing the tweets so you can see how so many people shared such wonderful music with me (and you.)

Recommended Albums

Please note that I have chosen deliberately not to link to any of the albums or artists in this list. You can find them all on your preferred streaming service.

  • The ’59 Sound by Gas Light Anthem
  • The Other Side by Tonight Alive
  • Deathcounciousness by Have a Nice Life
  • Dust to Gold by Cris Jacobs
  • Any album by Piano Project (not an album recommendation)
  • Comfort to Me by Amyl and the Sniffers
  • The Valley by Betty Who
  • I Love You Always Forever by Betty Who
  • Any music by The Secret Sisters (not an album recommendation)
  • Outside Child by Allison Russell
  • A Southern Gothic by Adia Victoria
  • Tales from the Beach by Incognito
  • 39 Laps by Monkey3
  • The Human Condition by Jon Bellion
  • Generationwhy by Zhu
  • O by Damien Rice
  • Ghetto Pop Life by Danger Mouse and Jemini the Gifted One

To everyone who shared recommendations with me: THANK YOU! My headphones have been rocking, swaying, brooding, and jamming ever since.

And I’ll add a special shout-out to Topher DeRosia who shared his entire album listening history for the previous year.

Recommendations by Tweet

P.S. With luck, I will have to come back to this post and make it Volume I.