Addlestone’s Cider

Addlestone’s CiderOn a recent night out in Oxford, I stopped into one of my favourite pubs there, The White Horse (on Broad Street) for the obligatory few pints of Addlestone’s cider. I was with a few friends from America and wanted to introduce them to proper beer. The Witchwood brewery poster on the wall next to the entrance set the tone nicely, I thought: ‘What are you afraid of lager boy? Scared you might taste something?’

As we sat sipping our lovely cider, my friends asked me about the cloudy cider. Where was it made? Who made it? I had to confess that I knew little of the origins of the cider. I made a promise to jump online at the next sober opportunity and see what I could find out about.

Now, let me be the first to admit that internet research is not my forte (don’t ask!), but all I could find out about it is that the brand is now owned by some massive beer and alcohol conglomeration in New York. I found references of pubs that serve it and mentions of its on websites about cider, but no direct links to a brewery or cider maker.

Does anybody know anything more? Can anyone find out where is it made and bottled in the UK?

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