The Perfect Summer Drink: Dry Sack Sherry

Dry Sack MediumIf you drink alcohol in the summer (wide category, I know), then have I got the drink for you! Williams & Humbert, a wine company based in south west Spain, produce a lovely medium sherry that hits the spot every time when sipped over ice from a short glass.

It’s a smooth drinking blend of a variety of Sherry wines that makes a nice gentle end to a long summer day. At 19.5% alcohol, Dry Sack Medium packs a subtle punch that gently rolls over you like a slow wave of warm Caribbean surf. Dry Sack has a friendly way of sneaking up on you, just like Pimm’s.

No connoisseur of wine, I couldn’t possibly tell you anything about the grapes that go into making this Dry Sack Sherry, but its deep amber colour and slick kick will surely put a smile on your face.

However, this stuff is not easy to find. I first learned of Dry Sack from my father (that should give you an clear indicator that this is not a popular drink) – and sampled the drink after buying him a bottle for his birthday. I had to hunt through several liquor stores and wine shops in America to find it. I have never found it here in the UK – either in London or in Oxford.

So, your mission is this: Discover where we can get this stuff in the UK!

4 thoughts on “The Perfect Summer Drink: Dry Sack Sherry”

  1. Thanks, Rachel! Why am I so rubbish at finding anything on the internet?!? Ha-ha. You’d think I would be better at it, given that I spend most of my working day building websites.

    And there is still some summer sunshine left, so I will have to pick up a bottle and enjoy a sip or two.

  2. Good article. Sherry is indeed an perfect and underappreciated summer drink.

    We are doing a tasting with Williams & Humber sherries this August.

  3. Hi Charles,

    Too right! It is so under appreciated. I’ve been sipping a lovely mug of Assam tea just now, but your comment has me pondering a switch to something sweet over ice.

    Are you doing a tasting somewhere specific or just offering deals online?

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