Stop Unwanted Mail

How to reduce unwanted mail

I picked up a leaflet a few months ago in my local post office that listed a number of ways to reduce unwanted junk mail showing up in your mailbox.

Following the directions on the flyer (which you can download below as a PDF), I rang Trans Union to ask for my name to be removed from lists offering credit cards and loans. I have to admit that it worked! I now get almost no credit card offers any more. It’s wonderful.

By the way, you’ll see that on the PDF that the telephone number for Trans Union has been changed to 888-567-8688.

Anyway, in the interest of paying it forward, I am posting this information online in the hopes that it helps someone else reduce the daily arrival of clutter in their mailbox.

How to Reduce Unwanted Mail (PDF: 728KB)

2 thoughts on “Stop Unwanted Mail”

  1. Hey Liam –

    Thanks for putting this PSA out there for us. I gave a call today and look forward to greatly reduced junk mail soon…I hope. Will keep you updated in a couple months perhaps…

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