Small Business Blogging in 2012: How Are We Progressing?

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The end of January is upon us already. In just a few short weeks, one-twelfth of the year has passed. With now more than four weeks of the new year behind us now, we should be able to get a read on how the year is shaping up. As a follow-up article to my previously published tips for successful blogging, let’s check in on our own blogging strategy and inbound marketing efforts in 2012.

Do we now have a plan in place?

Have we worked up a detailed online marketing plan that clearly sets out specific steps and a establishes a publication schedule for our small business blog? If not, let’s set a short deadline and ask a colleague, mentor or friend to hold us to this deadline.

Is our timetable proving practical?

Are we spending enough time on our blogging efforts? Are we spending too much time? As small business owners, we need to appreciate the demands of our work days to ensure that we give our online marketing efforts sufficient time and energy. Failure to do so could certainly cause our blogging efforts to deliver fewer returns that we might expect.

Have we noticed any returns on our blogging efforts yet?

While it is definitely too early to expect a significant upswing in traffic or sales to measure, we should notice at least some change or have picked up a few anecdotes as a result of our blogging: a new commentor, a new contact on LinkedIn or Twitter or an email response to one or more of our posts.

Do we have a method to tracking anecdotes?

How are we saving the little stories that give flavor and dimension to our web statistics? Are we using Google Docs? Maybe a spreadsheet on our local network server (so our colleagues can also access it)? Are we actively sharing and promoting that document internally as a way to help build enthusiasm around our blogging campaign?

Are we keeping online marketing a priority for our small business?

Have our inbound marketing efforts slipped down the pecking order? As small business owners, it’s easy to get bogged down or distracted by the day-to-day operations of running our company. Yet for our inbound marketing campaign, we need to dedicate ongoing and focused attention to our blog.

2 thoughts on “Small Business Blogging in 2012: How Are We Progressing?”

  1. So far so very good!

    I’ve got my routine, posting 2-3 times a week and have seen a dramatic increase in search rankings and in site visibility,

    It’s cheap but highlighy effective and in terms of ROI I’m expecting to get several photoshoot bookings as a result.

  2. @ Peter,

    For me, your blog works for several reasons:

    (1) I get to see lots of your photos from a variety of contexts. That shows your diversity.
    (2) I see that you’re publishing new photos on a regular basis, which to me means that you’re a focused and driven professional.
    (3) The narratives that accompany your photos give me insight into who you are as a photographer. I believe that I could work with you if I was in Essex and needed a photographer.

    Thanks for sharing the ROI you’ve achieved via your blog. I’d love to know when/if those come through. Would you mind letting me know?

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