Part of the Citizenship Test?

Now I don’t know if the current government has any plans to make ‘pub quiz’ knowledge a requirement for British citizenship, but if does, I am one big step closer to that. A somewhat regular attendee for the Thursday night pub quiz at the Queen’s Head in Horspath, Oxon, I produced the questions for the quiz for the first time last night. There were six rounds to my quiz: In the News, The British Invasion (Music), the British Invasion (Military History), Cities of the World (a picture round), British Writers and Hodgepodge.

I’ve uploaded my quiz questions (with answers), so take a minute to scan through them and see what you thought of my effort. (You’ll probably notice that there are lots of typos in the questions, but you should be able to read it well anyway. I typed up the questions in a hurry.)

Download Liam’s pub quiz questions and answers

2 thoughts on “Part of the Citizenship Test?”

  1. Liam, I am fascinated with your blog. I especially like the Pubs & Beer part. As I am not British, I found the second and fifth rounds quite difficult. The first, third and sixth rounds were excellent though. Well made! Keep up the good work and best of luck on getting British citizenship.

  2. So, while I like to consider myself a historian of some kind, I have to admit that my British history knowledge is greatly lacking! Perhaps I need to break out my copy of “The History of England” again!

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