Oxford Geek Nights 6

On Tuesday night, I drifted into the Jericho Tavern for what I believe is the sixth edition of Oxford Geek Nights. Arriving late, as I normally do, I was pleased to discover that the presentations didn’t start until 8.30 pm. As I arrived at about ten to eight, I had a few moments to chat with some of the people there. Although the queue at the upstairs bar was ridiculous (one bartender for a room full of people), I was grateful for the free token for a pint of whatever I chose. That was a nice touch.

For me, the highlight of the main presentations was Jon Hick’s discussion of From Design to Development.  In a quicky covered, 15-minute talk, Hicks whipped through how to take a design project from the ideas through to a published website.   As is always the case with any good presentations, Hicks packed his 15 minutes with lots of gems and insight.  (His presentation, also given at FOWD, is available on his website.)

From the selection of microslots, I have to tip my hat to the chaps from Barcamp Oxford. Although all they did was promote their event, which will now be in September, they did some in a rather comedic and entertaining way.  It certainly picqued my interest in the event.