Does HSBC proof-read?

In this day and age, I suppose I should be a bit worried about letting the general public know that I bank with HSBC. But in trying to access my accounts online the other day, I came across something that I thought I would share:

Typo on the HSBC Internet Banking website

Did you notice the typo? HSBC offers a great service by having its Business Internet Help Desk open for two hours every morning. When I asked the guy answering the Help Desk phone about it, he said it was open until 10.00pm.

Does no one on the web admin team proof-read? I even mentioned this error to the HSBC clerk who answered the help desk phone line, but apparently the message to correct the typo never it made it through.

Is it wrong that I sort of enjoy when big companies make typo mistakes? That seems to make my own mistakes less embarassing, when even the big dogs get it wrong from time to time.