Offline Promotion of Small Business Blogs

Many social media gurus often overlook the value and methodology of offline promotion of a small business blog. The trendy focus rests heavily on inbound marketing, relying on social media and quality content to generate a regular readership of a small business’s blog. While that particular focus is important, a well-rounded approach to blog promotion certainly will increase the likelihood of small business blog success. Such a multi-faceted approach includes taking steps offline to raise the profile of the blog.

What follows are a few simple ideas for offline promotion of small business blog — and therefore the offline promotion of the business itself.

1. Tell people about our small business blog

It seems simple and obvious, but that’s the beauty of it. If our small business blog is going to return real value for our company, we need to do all that we can to promote. We should be looking for ways to mention our blog at networking events, in conversations with clients and, yes, even at parties with friends, church socials and the like. We should constantly be looking for ways to slip in a quick word about the topic of our focus, how often we publish and who our target audience is. ensuring that our clients, colleagues, friends and contacts know this will help ensure that our blog is regularly in their frame of reference.

2. Get others to talk about our blog

If we work hard to create a great blog, one that provides valuable insight or knowledge to readers, then it is very likely that readers will mention it to others. Certainly a good portion of those mentions will be via social media, or perhaps their own respective blogs, yet those fans will also discuss our posts with their friends and colleagues. The way of that word of mouth referral cannot be underestimated.

3. Add the blog address to business cards and other promotional materials

As small business owners, we are likely to hand out our business cards like they are candy. Share, share, and share them with everyone we reasonably can. Yet let’s make sure that the specific URL for our blog in featured in some easily identifiable way. Let’s add it to our brochures and flyers. We can even add it to our internal communications to encourage our staff and colleagues to join in our offline promotion work.

4. Write to people about our blog

In the age of online communication and ever-present social media, few surprises offline promotional charm like a handwritten note. We can pen a short note to a key customer or contact mentioning a blog we recently wrote that might be of interest to them. The attention that personal letter will generate when it arrives at the recipient’s desk is bound to ensure that the recipient visits our blog to look for the mentioned post. Social media may be fast and easily accessible, but a good, old-fashioned note on a piece of paper packs a big impact in today’s world.

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