Converting bold tags to strong tags with find/replace

Recently, I had to update the code on a website that I made several years ago. The process included, among other tasks, converting all the <b> and <i> tags to <strong> and <em>. After playing around with the it for a while, I determined that the most efficient way to find and replace the old tags with the new ones was to do a search for b>, and then to replace it with a strong>.

screen shot of a Find/Replace dialogue box

By seaching for the b>, I avoided having to sift through all occassions of the letter b in the source code and content. The same would hold true for the <i> tag: simply search for i> and replace with em>

3 thoughts on “Converting bold tags to strong tags with find/replace”

  1. *sigh* If only I had thought to search out the find/replace function in SAS before now…

    thanks for that tip!

  2. It’s a statistical analysis software that we use at work for the large datasets we often deal with. (Are you familiar with SPSS by any chance? It’s basically the same thing except Windows based (‘point ‘n click’) instead of DOS based like SAS.) It has its own coding scheme, as well as being able to handle SQL language.

    In short, it’s a pain in the butt.

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