Browser start-up times

My stop-watchWhen Apple launched Safari for PC last year, I was excited to finally get to see that browser in action. As a PC user (yes, even as a graphic designer, I use PC’s; long story, that, so perhaps one for another day.) And whilst I really do enjoy using Safari (second only to Firefox), I do have one complaint. Why does Safari for Windows take so long to open?

Using my stop watch to calculate the time expired between when I double-clicked on the programme icon to when it became fully functional for browsing. Here are the results:

Firefox 3 = less than 2.0 seconds

Internet Explorer 7 = just about 2.0 seconds

Opera 9.51 = about 3.0 seconds

Lynx = less than 1.0 second

Safari for Windows = 5.0 seconds (quicker after the programme has been opened, closed and re-opened)

Sure enough, my method isn’t overly exact or scientific, but it’s good enough to clearly demonstrate that Safari takes a comparitively long time to open. I find this frustrating – it’s about the only bad thing I can say about Safari, but it’s enough to keep me from being tempted to switching from Firefox to Safari as the primary browser.