Blogs and websites that I found in 2011

screenshot of Pete Schuster's blog

As 2011 draws to a close, I spent a few moments taking stock of what new or interesting blogs and websites which I discovered this past year. In thinking about this blog post, I am eager to share links to sites that I found in the past year and which I regularly read, consult or comment upon.

In the Crowds: A blog by Coreen Tossona on marketing, copywriting, brands and more.

Pete Schuster’s Blog: Tips, insight and ideas from the Philadelphia front-end developer.

Yowayowa camera woman diary: A clean blog with beautiful self-portraits of a woman appearing to float about life.

Dave James Miller’s Blog: Notes, how-to’s and observations from a very skilled and articulate web-developer based in Oxford, England.

The Town Dish: A collection of websites covering the local restaurant, café and bar scene in the suburbs west of Philadelphia; a great place to find somewhere to meet a client or colleague.

Victacular: The thoughts and observations of a wonderfully intelligent and capable writer.

WP Engine Blog: Full of tips and technical information for running a WordPress-driven blog, written for an audience of limited sys admin knowledge.

What blogs or websites have you discovered that I should know about?


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