Altoids is the Business Blog of Mints


While hitting the treadmill for a bit of exercise this afternoon, it occurred to me that business blogging is in many ways like Altoids mints. “What?!?” you blurt. “Blogging for businesses is rather like Altoids, the curiously strong mints,” I respond. The look of bewilderment on your face makes clear your confusion and lack of agreement.

Let me explain.

For those unfamiliar with Altoids, they are a very strong, very particular brand of mints produced by Callard & Bowser. They were first made in 1780 and have been going strong – literally – ever since.

The history lesson is nice, but how does that connect a breath mint with writing blog posts for your business?

Easy there. It’s the holidays. Have a little cocktail or a big mug of hot chocolate, relax and allow me to continue. Joking aside, I do believe that there were some interesting and valuable connections between Altoids and business blogging.

Altoids are strong and have a distinct flavor

The taste of Altoids is one that is not easy to forget — it stands out and has a potency that is not soon forgotten.  A well-written post will have a strong enough voice to be heard over the din of other blogs and will possess a sufficiently individual approach so as to offer readers a unique perspective.

Altoids are fresh

As a strong mint, Altoids certainly freshen the breath like few other mints. The freshness of the mint gives our mouth a little boost, just like a good business blog post gives our customers and readers a bit of insight and a boost of inspiration.

Altoids are professional

With a powerful punch of minty flavor, Altoids can ensure that our breath is fresh and smelling great (so that we don’t offend anyone with the smell of the roast garlic burger that we ate for lunch) for that important business meeting. A business blog should be as professional and well-prepared as we are when we walk into a sales meeting with our best customer.

Altoids are consistent in their presentation

Look for the Altoids on sale in the checkout display at the supermarket or the cornershop. They look smart. Well-presented. Ready for business. When we open the tin and pop a mint into our mouths, we will immediately recognize the great taste, the unique flavor and the distinct minty burst of flavor. Our blog should be similarly solid in its presentation: the design, the content and the delivery all must work together.

Altoids support the business brand

AltoidsLook at the packaging. Study the quality of the presentation. Enjoy the curiously strong taste of the mint. It’s easy to see – and taste – how an individual tin of Altoids supports and promotes both the Altoids product line and the Callard & Bowser brand. Our business blog should do the same for our business, our products, our services and our brand.

Altoids are fun and a bit silly

AltoidsAs we can see in the photo to the right, the Altoids packaging is playful and lighthearted. Our business blog can pack that same sort of subtle humor or occasional quirkiness that endears our posts to our readers.

So, pick up a tin of Altoids as you wrap up your last few rounds of holiday shopping and see how those extra strong mints can add some zing to your business blog.

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2 thoughts on “Altoids is the Business Blog of Mints”

  1. What do you think about the issue of consistency?

    Altoids have maintained a rather constant look/style, which I imagine can be comforting. Soothing. From a marketing perspective that is.

    Is there a way to offer consistency in blogging and I don’t mean in terms of quality, but in style (particularly visual)

  2. @ Forkboy1965,

    I guess from your comment that you do not find my writing style consistent. Ha-ha! Ok. I guess I need to work on that.

    You’re absolutely right about the value of working to develop a consistent voice and writing style. Many professional writing guides list the development of a unique and convincing writing style as a key to success.

    As for how, I keep a copy of Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style within quick reach of my desk. A very helpful guide indeed!

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