Back on broadband!

After what seemed weeks, months, years even, my ISP has returned my account to full broadband service. As is typical for the abysmal quality of my ISP’s customer service, the broadband was switched on without any notice. Even though I had called several times a day for the past week or so – specifically enquiring …

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The Curse of the Clueless ISP and the Return of Dial-up

Last month when I went to pay my telephone bill, I discovered that my telephone and broadband service provider (the same company) was double-charging me for my broadband service. Back in March 2007, I upgraded my broadband service to get a static IP address and since then, the ISP have been charging me for both …

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The Need to Proofread

A delicate and difficult skill to master, proofreading is a key step in the production of valuable written communication. A great strapline, an attention grabbing headline and a brilliant advertising slogan all lose substantial impact when printed with a typo. Our eyes tend to focus on the mistake – rather than on the key message. …

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Oxford Geek Nights III

Last night witnessed the third Oxford Geek Night, a string of informal ‘jam sessions’ of web developers and designers, aimed at bringing those groups together to share ideas, practices and technologies. The evening consisted of a range of presentations from a wide net of web-related professionals, held at the Jericho Tavern (local pub well-known for …

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More on Safari for Windows

In response to a blog I recently wrote about the latest version of Safari for Windows, a reader asked about the importance of such minor differences between the way that Safari and Firefox display web pages. That’s a good question. The simple answer is that small differences don’t really matter. Big ones do. Well-constructed web …

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Reliable web hosting is worth paying for

Web hosting is not something to be skimped on. Too often small businesses, charities and the self-employed go with the least expensive option, regardless of the practical implications. And too often these businesses and charities come to regret their decisions.