Pint of Bitter, Please

A pint of Marston's bitter
A pint of Marston’s bitter

Today at the Star Inn in Stanton St John, Oxfordshire, I was reminded of one thing that I really like about country pubs in England: their simplicity. You actually can walk into a country pub and just ask for a pint of bitter. And you get one. The guy or gal behind the bar, more often than not, will simply pull you a pint of whatever the house favourite ale is. It’s brilliant – almost old school Hollywood where the characters on the big screen walk into a bar and order a beer. In those movies, the bar-keep doesn’t bother asking about brand or anything; he just slings a drink. Great stuff!

3 thoughts on “Pint of Bitter, Please”

  1. I could not agree with you more. Simple is great, and leave the decision about which beer is best to the people pouring beers all day every day. This is especially true in a country where the bar takes pride in the fact that it will be a GOOD and TASTY beer that you’re served up. It might not be your favorite, but it won’t be a cheap beer that tastes watery. This post won’t be forgotten when I retire and begin my long planned bacon bar, where the only available product will be bacon, but I’ll make dang sure it’s some of the best bacon in the world.

  2. I remember being in England and it was so easy, so room temperature, and so good. In the states, I can’t find a place anywhere where I can order a “pint of bitter”.

  3. That is really cool. I always wondered why in old movies the character would ask for the drink by the kind it was. Kind of like ordering a cup of coffee, people don’t usually ask you what brand. The amount of choices we have today is almost annoying at times.

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