Back on broadband!

After what seemed weeks, months, years even, my ISP has returned my account to full broadband service. As is typical for the abysmal quality of my ISP’s customer service, the broadband was switched on without any notice. Even though I had called several times a day for the past week or so – specifically enquiring when the broadband would be re-installed – no one told me it was up. Not surprisingly, I had to call the ISP to check on the status of my broadband order.

Oh well, I shall vent my frustrations with the ISP in a letter directly to them. In the meantime, can I ‘hip, hip, hooray for broadband!’?

2 thoughts on “Back on broadband!”

  1. Welcome back to the web!

    Based on your prior experiences with a complaint to your ISP, I would think that you would simply let the matter lie.

  2. Maybe I am not that smart! I just can’t let the ISP treat me so poorly and not complain! Fingers-crossed that when I stress that in my complaint letter that I DO NOT want my broadband cancelled, and that I only want to complain, that the ISP will do right by me.

    Here’s hoping anyway …

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