7 thoughts on “Around London Town (Part I)”

  1. Very nice! Just about manages to make me miss England…

    Have a safe trip home, and give our greetings to M and the kids!

  2. Hi Lisa!

    Thanks for the visit. I’ll post a few more piccies on here later today. London is a wonderful little town. I always find myself eager to visit it, and reluctant to leave it.

    Hope all is well up north!

  3. @ Kev Merrey —

    Would you believe I took those with an iPhone? I have a little point and shoot Sony Cybershot, but the batteries had died. So, I made do with what I had. Thanks for the compliments!

  4. They are really crisp. Great pics.

    I have just upgraded to a Nokia N8. 12 Mega Pixels Carl Zeiss lens and HD camera to boot. It is lush!!

    WE have over a foot of snow here at the mo, so been taking some cool shots with the phone. Will Facebook you ’em once they are online.

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