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5 Valuable Blog Posts for Small Business Blogging

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Small business blogging

As a small business blogger who blogs on the topic of small business blogging, I am regularly on the look out for valuable blog posts about small business blogging. (How’s that for packing a first sentence with keywords? Ha-ha!) Honestly though, I appreciate that it can be difficult to filter through all the noise out there when looking for articles that cut to the heart of the matter and that offer real insight into the often-hyped topic of small business blogging.

To help sift through that virtual clutter, I thought I’d start sharing links to well-crafted, insight-led and on-point blog posts that demonstrate a solid understanding of this important inbound marketing topic. That’s my plan anyway. Consider my publication schedule updated. Keep reading to review my first batch.

Please note that these articles are not ranked in order of importance or anything like that. They approach the topic of small business blogging from unique angles and, therefore, should be read and considered in their own right.

1: Great Overview on Generating Inbound Links
32 white Hat Ways to Build Inbound Links by Corey Eridon on the Hubspot Blog.

2: Goal Setting for Successful Online Marketing
5 Resolutions for Digital Marketing Success in 2012 by Coreen Tossona of Philly Marketing Labs.

3: Insight into Understanding Your Audience’s Interests
5 Simple Ways to Discover What People Are Dying to Read Brad Smith of

4: Setting the Approach for Online Marketing
The Tao of Online Marketing by Brian Clark of CopyBlogger.

5: Listing Important Reasons for Small Business Blogging
12 Most Glaring Reasons Why Businesses Should Blog by Doug Rice on

Of course, there are many more gems online that offer comprehensive, practical and sufficiently-detailed guidance on how small businesses can develop real value from inbound marketing. Why not let me know which ones you have found useful?

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Posted: 9 May 2012

Categories: Blogging · Business · Social Networking · Web design

4 Responses


  1. Coreen Tossona // 9 May 2012 at 9:24 am

    Thanks for including one of my articles in here, Liam! Here’s another fantastic article that works in small business blogging:
    17 Ways SMBs Can Survive the Google Penguin Update Effect –

    I also like AMEX Open Forum’s article on Businesses That Are Driving Profits With Foursquare – (not about blogging but chock full of great location marketing ideas).

  2. Liam Dempsey // 10 May 2012 at 1:38 pm

    @ Coreen,

    I appreciate you sharing additional posts. I particularly liked the “17 Ways” one.

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