What Do You Want to Know about Making Static Sites with WordPress?

Liam Dempsey presenting at WordCamp Niagara

In advance of my talk at WordCamp Niagara, I wonder what people might be most interested in learning about. At the risk of letting the cat out of the bag a bit, I will walk through using plugins to convert locally installed WordPress sites into static sites.

With that in mind, I wonder what information or details would you like to see me cover. I certainly have my own ideas and have been actively working those into my talk. Yet, in order to make my presentation in Niagara, Canada, next month as valuable as possible for attendees, I wonder your thoughts and ideas.

Join Me at WordCamp Niagara

As of the posting of this request, tickets are still available for you to attend WordCamp Niagara, an all-day conference focused on WordPress. While it will be my first WordCamp in Canada and my first WordCamp outside of the US, I have been to at least 15 WordCamps. They are a great way to learn, build a network, and have fun with the WordPress community.

WordCamp Niagara is scheduled for Saturday, 19-Oct-2019, with registration opening at 8:15 AM.

Share Your Ideas

If you’ve a few moments to share your ideas, questions, and areas of interest, I’d be super grateful. As long as you’re interested in this emerging topic, even if you are not going to WordCamp Niagara, please do take the time to complete the form. Your insight would be very helpful to me. Thanks!