The power of WordPress for business blogging

Swag from WordCamp Philly

The power of WordPress has long influenced me as a designer and a blogger. Although I have used other content management systems (CMS) to build websites and write blogs, WordPress stands out among many in part because of its amazing community. Having just returned from WordCamp Philly, I was very impressed not only by the skill of many of the designers and developers using WordPress, but also by their willingness to share their respective expertise. It was an exciting and productive learning environment — and I feel lucky to have been able to attend.

As a conference, WordCamp Philly was aimed at WordPress people of all levels: basic users, designers and hard core developers. During the day I met a number of users who rely on WordPress for promoting their small businesses. The power of its CMS, combined with the dynamic and generous support community, make WordPress an ideal choice for many smaller businesses considering how best to manage and grow their web presence.

As a designer who considers the on-going needs and requirements of clients on a daily basis, I was heartily impressed by the WordPress community at WordCamp. From the organizers (none of whom were paid), to the event sponsors, to the presenters, to the attendees, the day was a series of insightful exchanges of knowledge, experience and best practices. I was surprised by the lack of ego at the conference — it really was as though everyone was in the same boat and rowing in the same direction. That community strength made a powerful impression on me and will definitely figure into my conversations when discussing CMS options with clients.

In the coming days, I shall be reviewing my notes from the sessions that I attended over the weekend. I aim to post a more detailed synopsis of my experience at WordCamp Philly. I’ll be sure to include links to the presentations and other cool stuff that I encountered.