The honesty of the Oxford Tube

Today did not start well for me. I woke up late and rushed to get to the Thornhill Park and Ride to the Oxford Tube into London. Exiting the Tube, I whistled happily as I walked towards the Tube station … until I realised that I had just left my brand new copy of the Adobe Creative Suite on the bus. That was almost £1,300.00 of software that I forgot!

Oh, boy was I mad and instantly stressed.

Did I mention that I wasn’t pleased with myself?

Yet, after only a few telephone calls to the Oxford Tube and a cab ride to Victoria Station, where the Oxford Tube turns around before heading back to Oxford, I got my software back. The driver had been alerted to look for my bag and had dutifully recovered it for me.

Perhaps the most reassuring aspect of the whole adventure (aside from not having to spend another £1,300 on software) was that when I gave the driver £20.00 for his effort, he seemed genuinely surprised. He had taken the time to help me out as a service to me – and not because he had expected a reward. That really impressed me.

(Before you say anything, I only had 20 quid on me. I gave all the cash I had.)

4 thoughts on “The honesty of the Oxford Tube”

  1. Liam,

    I think that seems a fairly reasonable tip, but I always get confused if pounds and quid are the same, so maybe it was a cheap tip….

    That is nice to get the software back and great service that they are able to contact the driver enroute to help secure your items from a potentially unscrupulous passenger.

  2. @ Mark –

    A quid = a pound, just as a buck = a dollar.

    Yes, modern technology is a wonderful thing. The head office radioed or called the driver and the Victoria Station depot to alert them to the situation. I was very pleased to have the software back.

  3. hey,

    came across your post while googling ways to get my lost property back from oxford tube. ive lost a red camera and was wondering how exactly you got them to do that for you? I’ve lost it last night on the seat of the bus and am starting to lose hope I will get it back. Any tips would be appreciated.

  4. Hi Kristen,

    Sorry to hear of your lost property! That’s not fun. I feel your pain.

    I realised my loss within just a few moments of exiting the bus. So, I had one of my colleagues who was already in the office ring the Oxford Tube to alert the driver. The driver had yet to finish the trip into London. I made my way from Nottinghill to Victoria to pick up my belongings. The driver and the depot manager were both there waiting for me.

    I sure hope that helps. Being able to identify the specific bus you were on might make the task easier.

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