Plan ahead: small business blogging from the road

A view of the road, from the driver's seat of a car

The development of commercial value from a small business blog requires a considerable time commitment over a number of months. That commitment can be difficult for small business owners given the myriad of other tasks required to maintain their businesses. These difficulties can be compounded when small business owners are required to travel for work.

How can small businesses blog from the road?

Many content management systems (CMS) allow for blog posts to be drafted and scheduled for publication at a later date.

Screen shot of publication control on WordPressFor example, my own blog runs on WordPress and as this post publishes, I expect to be driving eastward along I-80, somewhere in eastern Ohio. (Check me on out Twitter to see if I had a chance to tweet from my location at the scheduled publication time.) With that level of functionality, it is very possible for administrators of small business blogs to schedule posts in advance of times when they will be on the road.

Drafting posts well in advance of their expected publication schedule requires planning and forethought. With a list of key topics and messages for the blog, small business owners can coordinate their travel calendars — for both work and personal travel — with their companies’ blogging schedule and marketing strategies. By writing and saving posts in advance of scheduled trips, small business owners will be certain to keep their online marketing campaigns on track regardless of where their travels take them.