Open new tab in Firefox

Spreadfirefox Affiliate Button Recently I was shown a little time saving technique for opening links in Firefox in a new tab. Rather than right click and select ‘Open Link in New Tab’, you can simply click on the wheel on the mouse. Voila! The links opens in a new tab. Brilliant stuff that!

Thanks to my chickenmonkeydog co-editor for the tip.

2 thoughts on “Open new tab in Firefox”

  1. Oh I used to do that until my mouse wheel broke. Since then I prefer ctrl+click. My left hand is always on the keyboard so I find it faster

  2. Hey Balu –

    Welcome to my ‘professional’ blog! Had I known you were coming over, I would have put the kettle on. Ha-ha.

    Ctrl+click? That’s a nice little trick too! Where does everyone learn about this. Thanks for sharing it.

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