Mother Nature’s April Fools Joke

Marsh Creek

Very early on Friday morning, 01 April 2011, I was seated in my office working through the first few items on my to do list. Something, some movement in the window, caught my eye.  I turned and saw that it was snowing. Snowing! On the first of April. Snowing?!? Big, fat, heavy, wet flakes … the kind we always want for Christmas.  It was Mother Nature’s April Fools joke to the greater Philadelphia area.

Although it still was too dark to get a decent photo from my office window, I did swing by Marsh Creek State Park on the way back from my morning school run.

Marsh Creek

2 thoughts on “Mother Nature’s April Fools Joke”

  1. Early Spring is like that this part of our nation. We get snow once, twice… maybe thrice every April.

    I like it… certainly beats the summer heat and humidity!

  2. @ Forkboy1965,

    I was particularly surprised by how thick and wet the flakes were – great packing snow. A ‘White Christmas’ sort of snow. Alas, it was all gone by midday …

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