How to relax (Part I)

I’ve never been one to take a warm holiday. The idea of falling asleep on the beach with a book on my lap had never appealed to me as an enjoyable way to spend an entire holiday. Sure, an afternoon of relaxing is welcome, but the whole trip of that?

Looking out over Long Beach in Bermuda

Boy! Was a I wrong! I just spent a wonderfully restfull, chilled-out, fantastic weekend at the Cambridge Beaches Resort, in Bermuda. What a lovely way to forget about the world for a few days …

The sunrise in Bermuda

The above photo is of a Monday morning sunrise over Morning Beach, in Bermuda. How easy would our work-week be if every Monday morning started like that?

3 thoughts on “How to relax (Part I)”

  1. I am truly surprised you came back, it looks amazing! cue >> Google >> flights London to Bermuda!

  2. Helen,

    LHR to BDA is only 7 hours by plane. Not sure the costs, but well worth it, I am sure!

    PHL to BDA is less than 2 hours … can you say ‘repeat visit’?

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