Community Recommendations for Gutenberg Blocks in WordPress

WordPress and Gutenberg

Last updated: 27-Mar-2021

As I began a new client website project, I was eager to build the site using the new block editor, commonly called Gutenberg. Since Gutenberg was officially added into WordPress a few years ago, it has become a powerful and flexible way for displaying and styling content on the front end of WordPress websites.

Since the launch of Gutenberg, a number of folks have produced block libraries. I turned to Twitter to get insight from the WordPress community as to which block libraries they liked, and more importantly, regularly used.

What follows is a series of tweets that were shared back with me. I have assembled these tweets here as much as a resource for my future self as for anyone else looking for guidance on where to turn when getting into the new block editor for WordPress.

I extend my thanks to all those who responded including Andy Stitt, Eric Karkovack, Miriam Goldman, Adam Warner, Ronald Heureca, Anyssa Ferreira, Birgit Pauli-Haack, and more.

Atomic/Genesis Blocks

Block Visibility

Kadence Blocks



Stackable Pro

A Mix of Recommendations

If I receive more recommendations over time, I’ll try to remember to post them to this blog post.