Business phone calls: turning questions into blog posts

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As a small business owner, you are likely to field a number of recurring questions from your clients. You probably even say to yourself, “If I only had a dollar for each I’ve answered that question, I’d be a millionaire!” That your clients and target audience are coming to you with such questions is a good thing — it’s a reflection of the professional trust and respect that they have for you. But did you know that those questions can serve as key source material for creating quality posts for your small business blog?

Today’s customers’ questions become tomorrow’s blog posts

That’s right! The same questions that you field on a regular basis can be effectively turned into a blog post for your small business. Format the post as top tips, FAQ, or as a ‘how to’. Be sure to spend enough time on the post — answer the question completely so that your readers (your current and potential customers) will see that you know your stuff.

An online resource

In addition to becoming a quality blog post, a coherent, comprehensive answer can also serve as a time-saving resource. The next time that you get call with that question, you can direct the caller to that specific post on your site. Your caller will be grateful for a detailed answer to the question, and will have the ability to refer back to that post in the future if needed. You keep the phone call short while still meeting your client’s needs.

In response to comments and emails that I’ve received outside of this blog, I have written a more detailed post about blogging to answer daily business questions.

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