Another 5 Valuable Blog Posts for Small Business Blogging

Small business blogging

Earlier this year, I published a post that filtered through the blogosphere to share valuable articles to help small business owners get better value from their blogging efforts. Since I received a lot of positive feedback from that post (mostly via email and Twitter), I am rolling out that format again. I’ve done the legwork so you can reap the rewards. Enjoy.

For this post, I primarily focused on intertwining online marketing efforts — blogging and inbound marketing — with offline efforts. As you can read below, the interaction of events, networking and blogging can pack a powerful punch for your small business.

1: A Blog is So Much More than JUST a Series of Blog Posts
12 Things You Should Be Using Your Blog For Besides Blogging is another gem from Corey Ediron of Hubspot fame.

2: Tie Your Online Efforts to In-Person Networking and Events
The minds at Philly Marketing Labs detailed 5 Reasons to Boost Your Marketing with In-Person Events. This is a post that I have read and re-read several times.

3: Online & In-Person, a Winning Combination
Another solid post from Darren RowseTraffc Technique 7: Networking and Collaboration

4: Affordable and Management Market Research on Your Smartphone
In Using Social Media to Test Your Ideas Before You Try to Sell It, Melinda F. Emerson highlights a brilliant tactic on the NY Times Small Business Blog.

5: A short and easy guide to keeping clear of social media gaffes and missteps
A no-nonsense and succinct guide to Top 5 Tips for Avoiding Social Media Fails from Stefan Töpfer.

As always, I welcome you to share links to great articles that you’ve found. Add ’em to the comments please!

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