A Review of the PressReader App


Earlier this summer, I was approached by PressReader to write and publish a review of its app on this blog. Although I’m no “news junkie”, I do like to stay informed about current events. I’m always eager to checkout new ways to access and read news content about local, national and global topics.

Mixing Digital and Printed

Earlier this summer I did get a chance to review the PressReader app — it’s really fantastic. It offers a great way to get local newspapers from anywhere in the world. In a nutshell, PressReader delivers digital versions of thousands of printed newspapers right to your iPad. In a very smooth and easy-to-use interface, PressReader mixes the look and feel of a printed version with the portability and searchability of digital while maximizing the flip, slide and zoom capabilities of the iPad. PressReader allows users to see the printed layouts (local ads included) in a digital version. While I only reviewed the iPad app, PressReader is available for other devices and operating systems.

Tools for the Traveler

One of the more impressive features of PressReader is its ability to translate all the available periodicals into major languages like English, French, Spanish and German. That seems a very useful tool for those who travel for business or pleasure. Being able to download and read recent, relevant and English versions (alas, I cannot read other languages) of Berlin’s local newspapers would be very valuable for those arriving in the city for the first time.

For those who travel both domestically and internationally, PressReader allows for periodicals to be downloaded and saved locally to the iPad. This feature allows for reading when wifi is not available.

Powerful Search Functionality

For those looking to research a particular topic, PressReader boasts a powerful search tool that allows for searching for keywords across its library. Users then only need download the relevant titles to read on-topic articles. Searches can be restricted by newspaper title, country of publication, language and date. I can see this being a valuable tool for researchers.

Although the app is free, PressReader does charge for accessing periodicals. There are two price models: pay-as-you-go and monthly subscription. The former, which better suits me, charges $0.99 for each downloaded newspaper. The monthly subscription is $29.95 for a unlimited number of periodicals.

In thinking about the app, I am not sure that I would use it on such a regular basis. While interested in local and world news, I have no loyalty to a particular publication. I jump from news site to news site. That said, I could see using the app if I was heading to, for example, Minneapolis-St. Paul for the first time. PressReader would be a great way to conveniently review the local news, culture, sports and life.