You Alone May Live

UPDATE: As of 08 April 2010, this book now has its own website,, which along with my colleagues at lbdesign, I am helping to build.

You Alone May Live I am very excited to be able to share the news that a new book by the founder and former director of Survivors Fund is now available on for pre-order. The book is called You Alone May Live and follows the story of Mary K. Blewitt as she journeyed through the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide.

Having moved away from Rwanda a long time before the genocide of 1994, Mary returned there in the days following the killings to find that she had lost 50 members of her family. She then went on to start Survivors Fund, which is decided to supporting survivors of the Rwandan genocide.

I’ve already pre-ordered one copy and will probably order another one or two. One for me and one or two to share. Having seen the amazing feats that SURF has achieved under Mary’s guidance, I am sure that her story will be very moving indeed.

Please feel to read more about my involvement with SURF.