Shoplandia by Jim Breslin


I take great pleasure in hearing about and trying to support the success of friends and professional colleagues. I really do love it when those around me hit a home run in their respective industries. It’s so cool to witness. So when Jim Breslin, a local writer who I met through my local WordPress and marketing community, published his first novel, I was eager to buy it and give it a read.

Yet, I have to be honest. The only reason I wanted to read Shoplandia was because it was written by Jim. Jim is a former producer from QVC, the television shopping network. He used his 17 years on the job with QVC as the basis for his novel.

I’m familiar with some of Jim’s other work; I know he’s a great writer. Still I had no interest in a novel set among a television channel. I don’t shop on QVC and I don’t even really watch television, aside from soccer matches. When I read for pleasure, I prefer historical fiction and biographies. I was a little concerned that the book wouldn’t really do it for me.

I shouldn’t have been concerned.

Jim Breslin wove a tale that was engaging, funny, believable and interesting. Jim’s characters came across as truly human. The personalities who made the Shoplandia set their professional home came to life in a way that was convincing and believable. It was a page turner (or a tab-pusher as I read Shoplandia on the Kindle) right from page one to the very end. I wanted to know what happened in the lives of these characters.

As a guy who has struggled to find enjoyment in fiction and reading for pleasure lately, I feel like Shoplandia has put pleasure-reading back on the table for me. I have Jim Breslin to thank for that.

So, anybody have recommendations for my next fiction read?

Oh, you can get your own copy of Shoplandia on Amazon.