Remembering to make sure we don’t forget

The Entrance to Auschwitz

As Holocaust Memorial Day draws closer, it becomes increasingly important for us to remember the horrors that humanity has belted out upon itself in recent history. Millions of people have been killed in genocides in the not-so-distant past … and the risk of future such mass-killings continues to be a significant risk in a number of places around the world. Humans killing humans. People slaughtering people.

legacy-of-hope-adIn previous years, I have attended the UK’s official National Commemoration of Holocaust Memorial Day. However, as I am now living in the US, I am looking for something a bit closer to my new home.

So, do you have any news or information about interesting HMD2010 events in the Philadelphia area?

P.S. Have your own blog? Why not check out the materials that the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust have shared with bloggers all over the world?