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As an associate of The Governance Partnership, I am privileged to be a guest blogger from time to time on the TGP company blog, intelligently called AOB, or an An Occasional Blog. A dedicated reader of The Governance Partnership blog will surely have noted the increased production of blog posts in recent months, and I have been lucky to slot a couple of my own posts into that publication schedule.

Guest Posts on the TGP Blog

Rather than re-produce my posts here, I thought it would be simpler to post links from here to there.

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E-Courtesy is good for you »

The Governance Partnership is a communication consultancy offering advice and implementation in public relations, public affairs and innovation management and implementation, founded by Peter Hill and Ross Davies. I’ve worked with Peter and Ross since 2007 or so, combining our respective skills for a number of clients on a variety of web-focused projects.

As always, it’s a real gas working with Peter Hill and Ross Davies. Such great writers and skilled professionals are not common in today’s workplace.