Goals for 2016

The 2016 calendar

With 2016 still making its way out of the starting blocks, I am trying something new: I am posting a selection of goals and aims for the new year.


  • Attend a new-to-me WordCamp (I’ve been to WC Philly, Lancaster, Baltimore and US)
  • Implement a CRM for LBDesign to aid in business development
  • Raise the LBDesign newsletter list open rate to over 50%
  • Clean my office at least once a week – it really does make for a better work environment
  • Attend one marketing or design conference not focused on WordPress


  • Pray and meditate on a daily basis – even if only for 5-10 minutes
  • Read professionally for 10 minutes a day, every work day
  • Read 10 books for fun or relaxation (over the course of the full year)
  • Write regularly on this website – at least one blog post per month
  • Borrow books from the library – instead of renting them through late fees


  • Now that I’m back on track with chickenmonkeydog, keep it going strong with at least two blog posts per week
  • Ride my motorcycle (a ’96 Kawasaki Vulcan Classic) at least once a week in warmer weather.
  • Organize a local motorcycle ride with friends and contacts in Philly. I know Alx Block rides, LeeAnn Kinney rides and has set herself a goal to get her bike up and running. Who else rides?

Health + Fitness

  • Run 8 miles at an 8-minute mile pace: I’ll start this month working towards that goal on the treadmill, aiming to achieve my indoor goal by the end of March. I’ll work towards achieving it outdoors by mid September.
  • I like to think my best running weight and easiest/most practical weight to maintain is between 190-195 lbs. So, I am aiming to get down to 193 lbs. by the time I reach my indoor running goal. (I’m currently around 207-210 lbs. I prefer to tell people that I weigh “200 and Christmas pounds.”)

I certainly have other goals that I’m working on in 2016, but these are the ones I’m ready to share publicly. Thanks for supporting me as I try to make myself a better, nicer, more efficient and more productive person.