Brakspear’s Oxford Gold

Last summer, whilst tooling about Henley with friends on a Saturday afternoon, I popped into the liquor store. Checking out the selection of ales, I grabbed a couple of bottles of Brakspear’s Oxford Gold. I like to support my local breweries and Brakspear’s operates out of Witney, which is on the west side of Oxfordshire.

A bottle of Brakspear's Oxford Gold

It wasn’t until at home later that evening that I tasted the organic beer. Fantastic! Refreshing, fruity and uniquely flavoured, the out-of-the-bottle ale carried an authentic from the barrel taste. As the brew was bottle conditioned, I needed to be careful not to pour the sediment at the bottom of the bottle into the mug. Definitely more of a summer drink with its light flavour and colour, but still top quality.

So, why am I just posting about this now, when last summer is almost a year ago? Simple: because I just discovered that my local Tesco carries the ales in its shelves. Win for me!