An Ongoing Revision

You’ve come to the site. Perhaps you visit regularly – although from the web stats, I’d suggest this probably isn’t the case. Yet, for sure, you see the look and feel of the of the site has changed. Sometimes for better. Sometimes for worse (Well, to a less strong design; worse is such a tough word). Or as it is in its current form, the site has changed to an incomplete state.

The reason for this seemingly constant state of change is not because I am really a road construction worker at heart (always tearing up and repairing something) but because I am still developing this site – learning the ins and outs of blogging and, more importantly, I am getting my head around how to visually tweak the WordPress set up.

Whilst more than a hobby, doesn’t get topping billing when my clients are demanding that I produce their projects on time, on spec and on budget.

So, bear with me. Grow with me. Offer me advice, guidance or feedback. Do all three. Or complain. Leave me a post and I am sure to respond.