An Intelligent Way to Thank Customers

As I’ve written several times on this blog, I am a big fan of Wawa. Over the past two years or so, I’ve been impressed by their stores and gas stations, their staff and their customer relations work. On a recent stop in to Wawa for my late morning coffee fix, I took a moment to look at the hot cup sleeve on my 20 oz. coffee.

A Wawa coffee cup

The wording on the cup reads:


Because of your loyalty and support,
we are able to give millions of dollars to
local and national charities each year.

Let’s consider the message that the cup conveys:

Wawa values our patronage: Right there in big, block letters, we can read that Wawa is grateful for us shopping at their stores. Notice the reasoning for Wawa’s gratitude: so that they can support charities. Forgetting our urge to be cynical, we can see very clearly that Wawa is deeply committed to its social responsibility program.

Wawa acknowledges our role in their social responsibility: Wawa does not put itself forward as the key actor in donating millions of dollars to charity. It clearly names its customers — us — as responsible for that. Wawa shares the credit with those who make the donations possible. That’s a humble and transparent approach.

Wawa supports the local area: Aside from employing thousands of people locally, Wawa reminds us that it is committed to the local area by donating to local charities.

Wawa remembers the customers just passing through: Not everyone who shops at a Wawa is a local. Some will be on a business trip or in town visiting family. Wawa has thought of those customers as well by thanking them for helping Wawa support charities that may be operating in their own home towns and cities.

Yet again, Wawa has proved itself savvy when it comes to marketing and building customer loyalty. No doubt I shall find myself in their stores again soon buying something, doing my bit to help local charities.

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