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Ales of the Revolution

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Ales of the Revolution

There is a great brewery in the City of Brotherly Love that has produced some wonderful beers for us here in the colonies. Crafted by Yards Brewing, the Ales of the Revolution are inspired by the original recipes of some of America’s first political leaders.

With the beer purchasing laws in Pennsylvania, I picked up a mixed case of Poor Richard’s Tavern Spruce, Thomas Jefferson’s Tavern Ale and General Washington’s Tavern Porter. Although I’ll leave it to true aficionados of Pintley to produce a formal review, I will tell you that these fine craft beers pack flavor, texture and atmosphere into twelve ounce bottles like few others. These are strong drinks too: Tavern Spruce is 5.0%, Tavern Porter is 7.0% and Tavern Ale weighs in with an impressive 8.0%. The Ales of the Revolution offer a varied approach for those with a wider palette. Thomas Jefferson’s Tavern Ale is a delicious, refreshing golden ale, while General Washington’s Tavern Porter is a dark, ruby-reddish brown Philadephia-style porter. Poor Richard’s Tavern Spruce is a unique rich brown ale, flavored with spruce.

My ‘thumbs-up/thumbs-down’ review: Two thumbs up for all three.

Posted: 11 June 2011

Categories: Life in General · Pubs and beer

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