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A Simple Way to Customize Your Site

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The following materials and information are posted in connection with my talk at WordCamp Miami in March 2017. That talk, A Simple Way to Customize Your Website, details the powerful and value of the Advanced Custom Fields plugin, while highlight the simplicity of its use.

Resources from Liam’s Talk

Access Liam’s slides on Slideshare

Download Liam’s 2017 Demo Child Theme (on Bitbucket)

Download Liam’s Advance Custom Fields XML export (for importing into your own practice or demo WordPress site)

Learn about Custom Fields in the WordPress Codex

ACF Resources + Links: The Basics

Download the Advanced Custom Fields plugin from the WordPress plugin repository

Advanced Custom Fields Documentation

ACF Resources + Links: Leveling Up

Adding Custom Fields to a Custom Post Type, the Right Way – Tracy Rotton

Performance considerations when working with ACF – Craig Simpson

Related Resources

Child Themes in the WordPress Training Handbook

How to Create a Child ThemeLouise Treadwell

Posted: 26 March 2017

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